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Pues nada, soy el feliz propietario de un TS-230 que es mi primer NAS.

Por lo que he podido leer es perfecto para iniciarse en este mundillo y además, todo sea dicho, tampoco le voy a meter mucha tralla (por lo menos al principio  Wink ).

Lo dicho, un saludo y espero nos vemos por aki.



Enviado por: Miffa
19-01-2021, 08:14 PM
Foro: Cuestiones técnicas
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No se como solucionar este problema, aunque creo que he podido avanzar un poco, o eso creo yo.

He configurado una VPN, un servidor en mi QNAP.
Accedo perfectamente desde cualquier sitio, sea wifi, móvil 3g, 4g, etc.

Una vez conectado me deja navegar usando la ip pública de mi casa u oficina.

Pero.. pero,, y es lo que me trae de cabeza.

En mi casa y oficina tengo movistar con el router mitrastar y la ip por defecto del mismo

Si me conecto desde un lugar que tiene un router con la misma ip. ya no puedo navegar por mi red interna.
Es decir si hago por ejemplo --- accesible desde dentro de mi casa -- no accedo.

Si voy a la casa de alguien u oficina que tengan Vodaphone que por defecto tienen routers en la 
no tengo problema.

Y por supuesto con datos que siempre dan ips fuera de ese rango, tampoco tengo problemas para acceder a mi red interna.

He mirado por todo el foro y mil sitios. No tengo ni idea por donde tirar o seguir, (me pasa con todos los protocolos IpSec , OpenVPN, LPT")

¿alguna idea?



Enviado por: DavidCorbeta
19-01-2021, 04:36 PM
Foro: Presentaciones
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Hola chicos, me llamo David, soy Licenciado en idiomas, me presento ante la comunidad. Es un gusto compartir con ustedes

Vivo en Granada, y quisiera consultarles algo. 

Tengo muchos archivos de traducciones, ya que, entre otras cosas, ofrezco mi servicio como traductor chino gratuito, pero deseo guardar todo ese material en algún lugar, ¿puede un servidor NAS, ayudarme a esto? ¿Qué debo hacer? tomando en cuenta que esto es totalmente nuevo para mi, pero tengo deseos y disposición de aprender.


Enviado por: WilliamR
19-01-2021, 10:28 AM
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Enviado por: WilliamR
19-01-2021, 10:26 AM
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Shooting guard Eric Gordon said he believes the trade that sent former franchise cornerstone James Harden to the Brooklyn Nets allows the Houston Rockets to have "a real direction" under first-year head coach Stephen Silas after a chaotic start to the season.Washington Wizards

Fouling 3-point shooters, which the Bulls have now done at crucial junctures in three of their last four games. Navigating screens on both ends of the floor. Turnovers. Cross-matching in transition. Succumbing to the physicality of opponents.Charlotte Hornets

Chicago is averaging the fifth-most points per game, but also giving up the third-most points. The Thunder’s defense has been average overall compared to the league, but their offense is near the bottom. With the Bull’s suspect defense, OKC could have a chance to break out a bit.

[Imagen: 5ac32b343c3ef3072b7e67d49d5d931e1b01f587...50x250.png]

As the NBA is reviewing videos circulating on social media of a maskless Kyrie Irving at what appears to be a family birthday party, there is no belief the Brooklyn Nets guard will return to the team's lineup this week, sources told ESPN.Oklahoma City Thunder

The Cowboys blew a 19-point lead in a loss to West Virginia eight days earlier and squandered a 16-point lead in the second half of this one before scoring the game's final eight points.San Antonio Spurs

First-round picks are generally overrated in these kinds of discussions, because the chances of those picks yielding a player as good as James Harden are quite low. But this is how rebuilding works in the NBA when superstars force their way out, and while a trade involving Ben Simmons would’ve been better, at least the Rockets will have plenty of stabs at securing their next face of the franchise through the draft.

Nba Cloth Masks

The NBA said the Philadelphia at Oklahoma City game, scheduled for Sunday night, could not be played because the 76ers did not ''have the league-required eight available players to proceed'' because of contact tracing.

[Imagen: 5ac32b343c3ef3072b7e67d49d5d931e82c8777c...50x250.png]


Enviado por: WilliamR
19-01-2021, 10:23 AM
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The best part, moving forward, is what the Browns now have at quarterback and head coach.

Speaking to a long-time agent, the belief was conveyed that Jackson will come in slightly below Mahomes. While Jackson is a year younger and also a former MVP, Mahomes has produced more total touchdowns and won the Super Bowl. Additionally, the Chiefs’ signal-caller is 5-1 in the postseason while Jackson is 1-3.Seattle Seahawks for Face Masks

[Imagen: cdaa3f83de4d5625f7d06db2ffd159d55f3843bc...50x250.png]

Looking to 2022, moving on from Cousins gets a lot easier. Via Over The Cap, cutting him (pre-June 1) clears $35 million of his $45 million cap hit, leaving a $10 million dead money hit. A trade has the same implications.

[Imagen: cdaa3f83de4d5625f7d06db2ffd159d56fb25d12...50x250.png]

The Bears choosing to bring back Nagy and Pace for another year is going to be a decisions that haunts this team for a very long time. There is talent on this roster to be a playoff team. It is missing pieces sure, but the core is there. It's the coaching and terrible FA signingsGreen Bay Packers for Face Masks

Team Logo Face Masks

Some breaking news has dropped out of Pittsburgh — the Steelers reportedly won’t bring back offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner. 

Jackson, the reigning NFL MVP, could wear a glove in Buffalo, but it wouldn't be for weather-related reasons. He wore a glove on his left hand in the second half of the Ravens' 20-13 wild-card win over the Tennessee Titans on Sunday because he jammed his thumb.San Francisco 49ers for Face Masks

"Well, one of them is the kid from Seattle on the screen," Rodgers then remembered, referring to Jones.Pittsburgh Steelers for Face Masks


Enviado por: WilliamR
19-01-2021, 10:21 AM
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According to Tracy Smith, Schwarber's college coach at Indiana, that ridiculous power has been there from the very beginning.Atlanta Braves

DENVER (AP) -- The Colorado Rockies avoided arbitration with left-hander Kyle Freeland and five other players Friday as the team tries to get back on track after missing the playoffs the past two seasons.

[Imagen: 786b41ab74985151f2ee7ebaa696d133067d47fd...50x250.png]

Spring training is set to begin Feb. 17 in Arizona and Florida, with Opening Day scheduled for April 1.Seattle Mariners

It will get tight, though, if the average annual value of a massive extension to Lindor is factored in.Pittsburgh Pirates

Mlb Logo Face Masks

After acquiring Lance Lynn this winter, the White Sox have undoubtedly bolstered their rotation in a big way. But the starting staff could potentially benefit even more, if Cease and fellow youngster Michael Kopech can live up to their enormous potentials.

After going 88-73 with a 3.73 ERA over 11 seasons with the Indians, joins a team seeking its first World Series title since 1986, one that feels it is positioned to contend around its pitching and a core offensive group that includes Pete Alonso and Michael Conforto.

Masahiro Tanaka remains a free agent, but the seven-year Yankees RHP appears to have one MLB team keeping an eye out as the one-month mark before pitchers and catchers report nears. The San Diego Padres are "doing background work on multiple free-agent starting pitchers," including Tanaka, according to a report Wednesday by Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic.Milwaukee Brewers

[Imagen: 786b41ab74985151f2ee7ebaa696d13326061d86...50x250.png]


Enviado por: WilliamR
19-01-2021, 10:09 AM
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Guentzel: "I think we know Washington real well. Todd has brought some insight. But we just have to worry about our game tomorrow and getting in the win column. It's about having the right mentality and limiting mistakes, and if we do that I like our chances."

Pat Maroon is the only player with multiple Cup rings on the Lightning roster. Winning in 2019 with the Blues and last summer with Tampa, he knows what it takes individually to make it back to the top. His first championship experience allowed him to identify the traits of a title contender, one he wound discover in his first season with the Lightning.Buffalo Sabres

With all of the potential games missed because of COVID-19, it wouldn’t be shocking if the NHL was subtly more stringent with supplemental discipline. Did the league hit the mark with this two-game suspension for Blais for that hit on Toews, or should it have been more or less?Columbus Blue Jackets

On the ice Kane was the Sharks leading goal scorer last year (26 goals), with 14 of them coming on the power play as the team scored just 33 goals as a team with the man advantage. So his absence will hurt their chances to rebound from a bad season, but he’s got bigger things going right now.

[Imagen: deda3b09d83b55452784bbe725544ed3460056b5...50x250.png]

• How division rivals will be the key to a first-place finish this year in the NHL. [Rotoworld]New Jersey Devils

Hockey Face Shield

This all-Canadian division includes: Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators, Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, Winnipeg Jets

The Sharks acquired Kane from the Buffalo Sabres during the 2017-18 season. San Jose then signed Kane to a seven-year, $49 million contract in 2018. Over the last two seasons, he has scored 103 points -- 56 goals and 47 assists -- in a 139-game span. He also led the league in penalty minutes the last two years. Boston Bruins

[Imagen: deda3b09d83b55452784bbe725544ed3cc142459...50x250.png]


Enviado por: goisy
18-01-2021, 10:49 AM
Foro: Empezando con tu NAS
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Hola, ya tengo mi flamante nuevo NAS en marcha y una de las cosas que quiero hacer es sincronizar todas las fotos del móvil (iPhone) en el NAS.

He probado el QuMagie, que se supone que es el programa indicado para esto, pero va como el culo, si la aplicación no está abierta, la sincronización se para. Tampoco me ha encontrado todas las fotos y no me queda claro que las vaya a sincronicar automáticamente. He puesto todas las opciones habidas y por haber, que funcione en segundo plano, que actualice auto, etc y no va bien.

He probado el QPhoto y no paree que funcione mejor. No sé si hay más apps o alguna otra forma de sincronizarlo. ¿Quizás debería hacerlo subiéndolas primero a alguna plataforma tipo Google Phtos?

¿Cómo lo haceis vosotros?

Gracias Smile


Enviado por: Txusete
17-01-2021, 06:14 PM
Foro: Cuestiones técnicas
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Tengo un HS-251+ y de un momento a otro he dejado de tener acceso a las unidades de red. Al verificar el NAS he visto que el led frontal estaba apagado.  Lo he reiniciado manualmente varias veces y se oye como arrancan los discos duros, pero el led  no se enciende en ningún momento. Solo se ha llegado a encender un momento en verde cuando lo apago.

¿Alguna idea de que puede ser?

Saludos y gracias